Unbiased Scientific Analysis of Coffee Products

Coffee Consistency & Quality Professionals

Coffee Analysts is a private independent SCAA certified coffee laboratory that specializes in quality assurance of green and roasted coffee products, new coffee product development, and coffee specification programs.

Coffee Analysts does not sell coffee, we test coffee.  We test, analyze, and evaluate coffee products. Our customers are coffee producers, exporters and importers, roasters, food-service and restaurant operators and private-label brand developers.  Coffee Analysts uses the best possible scientific equipment to ensure quick, clear, and precise results.  From green coffee to roasted coffee, from sensory analysis to physical and chemical testing, from the simple to the complex, our experience enables us to provide insights that will assist you in making informed decisions in managing your coffee program or supply chains by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.

Whether you’re specialty or commercial, small roaster or large chain, contact us today to see how Coffee Analysts can improve the quality and consistency of your coffee products.

Our Mission: To consistently deliver a distinguishable cup of quality coffee, standards must be set and maintained for each point in the supply chain, including green coffee sourcing, roasting, grinding, packaging, and brewing.

We have the coffee facilities.

Our state-of-the-art coffee laboratory is the largest independent testing facility in the United States. Our trained coffee technologists have the most advanced testing and sensory equipment at their fingertips to ensure coffee quality and consistency.

We do single serve coffee testing.

Currently, 20% of consumers are now using single serve coffee capsules as their preferred method of home brewing, second only to the drip grind method. Coffee Analysts can help you with your single cup production and testing needs.

We’re in the business of analysis.

Coffee Analysis does not sell coffee. We’re not pushing a new blend or particular brand. We are in business to help you get the most out of your coffee.

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