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Unbiased Scientific Analysis of Coffee & Tea Products
Celebrating over 20 years of quality testing and business consulting

To provide world-class quality testing and business intelligence to the coffee & tea industries

We have the coffee facilities.

Our state-of-the-art coffee laboratory is the largest independent testing facility in North America. Our trained coffee technologists have advanced physical, chemical and sensory testing equipment at their fingertips to support your coffee quality programs.

We do single serve coffee testing.

Currently 20% of US consumers are now using a single-service system in their homes, second only to the drip brew method. Coffee Analysts can help with product development and quality control for your single-cup coffee products.

We’re in the business of analysis.

Coffee Analysts does not sell coffee; we test coffee and provide coffee business solutions. Testing services is not just part of our business, it is our business, and our operations will not conflict or compete with your business.

First Independent Coffee Lab

In 1994, Coffee Analysts became the first independent laboratory in the United stated dedicated to quality analysis of coffee. Today we are a global leader in coffee quality testing and consulting throughout the farm-to-cup supply chain.

It's About Quality

How does it taste?

The true measure of any coffee program is the beverage quality: how does it taste? Price, promotion, and merchandising will capture the first sale, but only quality will keep your customers returning time after time.

We help you set standards for consistency.

To consistently deliver a distinguishable cup of quality coffee, standards must be set and maintained for each point in the supply chain, including green coffee sourcing, roasting, grinding, packaging, and brewing.

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Whether you’re specialty or commercial, a small roaster or large chain, contact us today to see how Coffee Analysts can improve the quality and consistency of your coffee products.

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