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Coffee Analysts Featured on WCAX-TV “Odd Jobs”

“BURLINGTON, Vt. – It starts with a gong. The sound summons four expert coffee tasters to the cupping table. Talking is not allowed, but the room is far from silent. The analysts slip into something they call the Zen of cupping, taking turns sniffing coffee grounds from Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia and Kenya, looking for early signs of troubled beans.” – WCAX News, April 21, “Odd Jobs.”

Watch David Morrill, Gwen Toohey, Vincent Caloiero, and Spencer Turer in action HERE.


Roast Magazine Publishes Study by Coffee Analysts’ Staff

A Study in Roast Levels

A Study in Roast Levels

We have often heard in the industry, “the lighter the roast, the greater the acidity, the darker the roast, the fuller the body.”  So the staff at Coffee Analysts decided to study the effects of roast development on physical, chemical and sensory attributes on two Arabica coffees (Central American and East African) at 5 different roast levels for physical, chemical, and sensory attributes.

To read the full article:    A Study in Roast Levels.

Dr. Bob Arnot Visits Coffee Analysts to Talk Coffee

Dan Cox and Dr. Bob Arnot

Dan Cox and Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Bob Arnot, television’s Dr. Danger stopped by our laboratory  last week to talk about coffee testing with Dan Cox and Spencer  Turer.  They discussed coffee’s interesting and somewhat  complicated supply chain, quality testing protocols, and chemical  analysis of green and roasted coffee.

Dan and Spencer led Dr. Arnot through a traditional coffee  cupping, where they compared and contrasted specialty coffees from Brasil, Ethiopia and Colombia.

Dr. Arnot’s television career included stints as foreign correspondent and chief medical correspondent for the NBC News and a health correspondent for CBS News.  He has also served as a physician providing humanitarian relief in many countries suffering from war and social unrest.


Quality Separates You from the Pack

In July 2014, the Washington Post declared, “Almost half of the World actually prefers instant coffee” and the map below confirms this statement:












And the news today is not getting any better. After reading this article in Monday’s Washington Post stating that Americans LIKE to drink bad coffee, and the accompanying statistics concerning consumption of ground coffee, there are several points contained here that unfortunately bear truth. As an example, Maxwell House’s latest ad campaign essentially asks for people to settle for “good” coffee instead of aspiring for “great” coffee. (more…)

Spencer Turer Comments On the Foam Factor of Lattes











Spencer Turer, vice president of testing laboratory Coffee Analysts, said a latte’s makeup makes it a friendlier option for the spill-prone

The Chicago Tribune’s story about the safety net that milk components bring to coffee are examined here, with commentary from Spencer.


Our visitors from Brazil, Marcos & Silvia Croce

Marcos Croce, Dan Cox, Silvia Croce, Bill Mares

Marcos Croce, Dan Cox, Silvia Croce, Bill Mares










Every so often someone shows up, unplanned, and delights our day.

Recently, Marcos and Silvia Croce, owners of the FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) coffee farm had a flight cancelled and had an extra day to spend in the Burlington area. They had heard about our coffee businesses from their friend Gayle Massar, another local business owner. Gayle called us and arranged an impromptu visit, and the Croces were able to spend several hours with us. Marcos and Silvia operate a 500 acre finca in Brazil, and besides being a large farm, FAF is a network of farmers, a center of coffee studies, and an export company that mills and ships coffee worldwide.

Besides our mutual interest in all things coffee, the Croces also promote the cultivation of honey as a secondary food and income source. We called our local apiary king, Bill Mares, and he was able to stop by and bring some samples of his honey. We also took a trip to the local chocolatier, Lake Champlain Chocolates, so they were able to see some of the best of Vermont products.

We expect to stay in touch with the Croces and are delighted by this happy coincidence!

For more information on FAF, please click HERE.