Creating Quality: Beverage Preparation, Roasting, and Sourcing

by Spencer Turer

Creating Quality

What defines quality in craft beer, ice cream, or cheese?  In Vermont, we are fortunate to have products that define these categories: Heady Topper from the Alchemist, ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, and cheeses from Vermont Creamery. These are products that are recognized as top quality. Do they have more [...]

Coffee Analysts Welcomes Burundi Coffee Representative

Mr. Denis Karera and Dan Cox

Mr. Denis Karera, the General Manager of ARFIC, The Regulatory authority of Burundi Coffee Sector, along with Nicholas Rehmus and Elias Gilman from Cottage International visited Coffee Analysts today.  Cottage International is a socially responsible company that provides consulting services to clients in developing countries. Working with all stakeholders in [...]

Jaime Fortuno of Café Zumbador visits Coffee Analysts

Mr. Jaime Fortuno Co-Founder of Café Zumbador

Coffee Analysts welcomed Mr. Jaime Fortuno Co-Founder of Café Zumbador to our laboratory.  Café Zumbador selects coffee from farms in the high mountain areas of Cordillera Central on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  This specialty coffee is from old-style varietals including Bourbon and Porto Rico (Typica 401), as [...]

Thoughts on Safety for Handling Hot Beverages at Coffee Drive-Thrus

I was reading with interest an article by Jon Delano on CBS Pittsburgh’s website about the increase in the number of drive-thru coffee shops in the Pittsburg area. (Read Here)

Ed Arvidson, of Expresso & Coffee Consulting in Oregon, consults nationwide with anyone who wants to open up drive-thru coffee kiosks, and his take on the uptick in [...]

Coffee Analysts Prediction: Higher Coffee Prices Not Likely to Last

  Dan Cox of Coffee Analysts was recently asked by Nicole Krug of The Washington Times to comment on the current price hikes that have been implemented by Smuckers, Folgers, Kraft, and most recently, Starbucks. These coffee brands and other specialty roasters have pushed up prices for bagged coffee and some drinks as the [...]

Dan Cox speaks to the Voice of Russia US about boycotting Starbucks

Fair Trade Coffee

Boycotting Starbucks:will fair trade debate bring down coffee giant?

Photo credit: © Thinkstock

By Crystal Park


WASHINGTON (VR) – There’s growing calls for Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, to switch over to fair trade coffee. “The fair trade movement, which has gotten a lot of traction, wants consumers to pay a minimum price of [...]

Water Quality for Coffee Beverages

Water Quality for Coffee Beverages


Recently a study was published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry (see here) regarding water quality for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.  The study and subsequent media articles are based on research conducted in the UK by Christopher Hendon, a PhD student from the University of Bath’s Centre for [...]

Support the Grounds for Health Auction

Grounds for Health             Online Auction

We are supporting Grounds for Health’s online auction by offering Complete Physical and Sensory Evaluation of Two Coffee Products (Green Coffee / Roasted Coffee)

Please put your bids in here to support the important work that improves lives for all families in our coffee growing communities.


 Value: $375.00

Description from [...]

Dan Cox on CNBC: Price Hike on the Horizon

Dan Cox is on CNBC today talking about the price hike in green coffee bean costs. (See video here)

Prices for coffee beans have soared this year, driving coffee contracts on the New York Futures Exchange up 54 percent. One culprit is the roya fungus that damaged crops as it swept through growing regions in Central America. A [...]

Ben & Jerry stop by for coffee….

Dan Provides Curb Service

It’s still pretty cold on the lake, so Ben & Jerry stopped by today for a little cappuccino while they were putting in the boat for the summer. Here is Dan giving out provisions for their trip. Hey, we aim to please!

Dan Provides Curb Service

Vincent Caloiero Becomes SCAA Certified Golden Cup Technician

Vincent CaloieroSCAA Certified Golden Cup Technician

Coffee Analysts’ Vincent Caloiero has been awarded the SCAA Certified Golden Cup Technician Certificate. This certification demonstrates an expert understanding of the SCAA Brewing Standards and the five points of quality for brewed coffee. SCAA Certified Golden Cup Technicians are authorized to conduct on-site inspections as part of the [...]

Dan Cox in "Seven Days"

Small Coffee Roasters Look to Expand in Keurig Green Mountain Country

by Alicia Freese @aliciafreese


photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

With more than 10 roasters within its borders, Vermont is home to a robust local coffee scene. But in a small state, where obtaining certain wholesale customers can make or break a coffee company, the competition [...]

Can Your Company Afford to Ignore Single Serve?

There has been a lot of industry chatter about single serve coffee in the last couple of months, excellent pieces in Stir Magazine “Single Serve Solutions” and thought provoking articles on the impact of pods and capsules on the environment.

What we can’t argue with is the figures that we are seeing representing the change in [...]

Dan Cox is interviewed by The Voice of Russia Radio

Dan Cox was interviewed by Lauren Murphy of The Voice of Russia radio last week to speak about Starbucks’ foray into beer and wine in a segment called Happy Hour Could be Coming to Your Local Starbucks.

Photo credit: AFP Photo/Sajad Hussain

WASHINGTON (VR) –Starbucks is announcing plans to start serving alcohol at thousands more of its [...]

SCAA Interviews Spencer Turer

SCAA Volunteer Highlight: Spencer Turer
By Mya Stark on March 10, 2014

How long have you been volunteering for SCAA? In 2000 I joined an SCAA committee and have volunteered on a committee every year since. Today, I am Chairman of the Technical Edit and Peer Review Committee and a member of the Technical Standards committee

What was [...]

Dan Cox on CNBC’s Street Signs



On today’s CNBC Street Signs, Dan speaks with Brian Sullivan and Amanda Drury,  providing information about the current situation in the coffee futures market.


Coffee Analysts Congratulates Vermont Coffee Company's 30 Year Anniversary

Vermont Coffee Company’s Organic Dark Roast

Paul Ralston, celebrating 30 years in the coffee business,  identifies Dan Cox as providing valuable assistance in providing coffee education and trainingwhen he was starting his company.  Coffee Enterprises/Coffee Analysts still provides training to the coffee industry and regularly works with all parts of the coffee tree-to-cup [...]

Coffee Analysts Supports Grounds for Health

Grounds for Health: Using Vinegar to Save Women
by Shyla Nambiar

Published 1/13/2014; © 2014 Shyla Nambiar

Cervical cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among women in the world. While women in affluent nations are encouraged to have routine Pap smears, they are often too expensive for women in developing countries. Now, [...]

Coffee Analysts Hosts a Home Cupping Party

“Before we started, Dan and Spencer handed out our scoring sheets and explained that we would be blind tasting, unaware of the coffee’s origin. First we would smell the dry grounds for Fragrance. After adding hot water and waiting three minutes, we would break the crust with our round soup spoons and smell the Aroma. [...]

International Coffee &Tea Festival, Dubai U.A.E, November 2014

Last month Spencer Turer was invited by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the organizers of the International Coffee & Tea Festival to instruct SCAA and Roasters Guild classes in Dubai.  This coffee adventure took Spencer from our coffee laboratory in Burlington 7,500 miles away to the conference center at the Medan Hotel in [...]