David Morrill Earns Q Grader License

We are proud to announce that David Morrill, Sensory Specialist and Senior Coffee Technologist has earned his Q Grader license. This certificate represents hours of training, dedication, and expertise in sensory analysis in coffee testing.

Congratulations, David on this achievement and milestone!

Sensory Training at Coffee Analysts

Jacqui Hartman, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties

Coffee Analysts conducted a two-day coffee sensory training session for Jacqui Hartman, a junior flavor chemist at Flavor & Fragrance Specialties.

The training focused on “Tongues & Noses” with emphasis on tasting coffees from around the world. Jacqui worked with the CA staff on identification of faults, taints and positive [...]

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Ever wonder what’s going on in that mouth of yours when you take a sip of that amazing Costa Rican?

Cupping With The Pros

Cupping with Vermont experts offers glimpse into the world of professional coffee