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Coffee Analysts
32 Lakeside Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401

Coffee Laboratory

At our advanced coffee laboratory, we calibrate our systems and equipment for efficient, accurate results. Our team of coffee techs bar-code each sample. The Coffee Analyst Sensory Panel always performs taste tests “blind,” using a three-digit code to ensure objectivity.

Our state-of-the-art testing equipment includes:

  • Moisture meters (for testing moisture % of green coffee)
  • Agtron Meters (for measurement of roast degree)
  • Color Spectrophotometer (for measurement of color)
  • Vacuum Ovens (for moisture loss-by-drying analysis)
  • Analytical Scales (accurate to .0001 grams)
  • Viscometer (to measure the thickness of beverages or syrups)
  • Refractometers (to determine brix levels of liquids)
  • Oxygen Meters (to measure % oxygen of a gas sample)
  • Carbon Dioxide Meter (to measure % carbon dioxide of a gas sample)
  • Vacuum Gauge (to measure package and canned coffee vacuum)
  • Dissolved Solids Meters (to determine concentration of ions in solution)
  • Commercial and home brewers of various models and capacities
  • Grinders of various models for different applications (to grind roasted whole bean, espresso, or green coffee)
  • Ro-tap (to measure grind particle size distribution)

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