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Sensory Panel - Sensorial Testing & Analysis

Spencer Turer at the cupping table

Spencer Turer at the cupping table

Sensorial analysis is the craft of using the human ability to perceive as a system of measurement. In the case of coffee, smell and taste are the most important factors to consider—that is, how the finished liquor affects the olfactory bulbs and taste buds.

The Coffee Analysts Sensory Panel consists of at least three qualified coffee professionals. Our staff is made up of cuppers with the following credentials: a former President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, four licensed Q-graders, a Cup of Excellence International Jury member, a co-founder of the Roaster Guild and a United States Barista Championship Head Judge. Our experienced and respected cuppers provides unrivaled insight into coffee.  Different individuals make up the panel at different times, but results are continually compared and monitored by the Vice President to ensure consistency.

The Sensory Panel tests all coffee blind, and evaluates the sample in terms of fragrance, aroma, acidity, body, finish and any other flavor parameters specified by the customer. These components of flavor are rated on a scale of one to ten.

The Coffee Analysts Sensory Panel follows cupping procedures that are standard to the coffee industry. Our methods are measurable, repeatable and accurate, and provide results you can trust. All test results are continually evaluated and monitored by the Vice President to insure consistency.


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