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Private Label Solutions

Ensuring success for the brands and the roasters.

Private label coffee programs are important for both the brand and the roasters business. Coffee Analysts will conduct independent quality control testing, provide technical assistance, and contribute to creating positive and efficient business relationships.

RFP Testing

Request for Proposal is serious business for you and your suppliers. Take the worry out of evaluating the products when supplier proposal are tendered. Coffee Analysts will be your technical partner to benchmark quality or evaluate products versus your identified standards.

Farm-to-Cup Training

Understanding the physical and financial risks of sourcing coffee is vital to a company’s success. Learn the specifics of quality control points from farm-to-cup, the different companies involved in supply chain, and we will discuss the appropriate level of management required for your company’s operational structure.

Scheduled Quality Control

This is a prudent approach to private-label. We can help determine an appropriate testing scheduled based on your coffee sales, the roasters productions schedules, to address identified risks, or based on customers complaints.

Supplier Calibration

Are you and your roasters identifying different sensory attributes in your coffee or simply using different terminology to describe the same characteristics? If your team is lacking the expertise or sophistication to manage product quality, let us be your partner.

Comparative Analysis

How does your coffee compare to your competitors or against a national band benchmark? What are the variations amongst the multiple roasters in your supply chain? Coffee Analysts’ degree-of-difference testing segregates the variations from the quality to provide a clear understating of coffee profiles.

Product Development

Whether you are setting the trends or just keeping up, Coffee Analysts will manage the complex tasks to create great tasting coffee products or optimize existing ones to meet you financial, sensory, supply chain, and consumer requirements.

Quality Expectations

The promise of quality is destroyed when a coffee’s flavor does not meet the expectations created by marketing.

Quality Drives Sales

Businesses may not be able to quantify sales or profits that are protected by strong quality programs; however, it is easy to account for lost business when quality is not created.

Quality is Consistency

Consistency in applying product specifications helps your suppliers understand the relationships between the quality of your coffee and your business needs.

Quality Creates Loyalty

Creating quality is a process; consistency builds confidence, confidence develops trust, and trust creates loyalty. Customer loyalty is critical to business success.

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To consistently deliver distinctive specialty coffee, standards must be set and maintained. We analyze all aspects of your coffee program to generate results which will improve the taste and quality of your coffee.

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