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Quality Testing & Consulting for Green and Roasted Coffee

Green Coffee Services

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Purchase Decisions

Does the coffee meet your quality standards for purchase approval?

Quality Control

Scheduled testing to ensure adherence to specifications.


Verification of results from your cuppers and laboratory equipment.

Supply Chain Consulting

Establish specifications, green coffee buyer training, farm-to-cup seminars, and green coffee quality controls.

Green Coffee Testing Package

Minimum Sample Size: 550 grams
Turnaround: 1 Week (after receiving sample)
Physical Analysis Standard Tests:

  • Visual color description
  • Moisture content
  • Water activity
  • Bean size distribution
  • Density
  • Defect count / grading (Arabica & Robusta)

Included Sensorial Analysis: We use a commercial sample roaster and prepare your green coffee products using SCAA/CQI protocols, and then perform a complete cupping in our state-of-the-art sensory laboratory using our proprietary sensory scale.

  • Fragrance of dry grounds
  • Aroma of hot liquid
  • Acidity / body / balance
  • Flavor / aftertaste
  • Identify taints, faults and staleness

Upon request, we also offer:

  • Colorimeter – L.a.b. color analysis
  • SCAA/CQI green coffee sensory scale

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Roasted Coffee Services

Quality Control

By the batch, throughout a production run, or a scheduled audit, ensuring adherence to specifications or comparative analysis testing.

Product Development

Creating new coffee products or optimizing existing products based on your business needs.


Verification of results from your cuppers and your laboratory equipment

Coffee Consulting

Establishing specifications, process control plant audits, and quality control staff training.

Roasted Coffee Testing Package

We offer roasted coffee testing packages for whole bean, ground, and ground/flavored coffee.
Product Sample Size: 5 retail or foodservice packages (less packages may be required for bulk sizes).
Turnaround: 5 business days (after receiving sample)
Physical Analysis Standard Tests:

Whole Bean Physical Analysis:

  • Net weight / fill weight
  • Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide content
  • Can Vacuum Pressure
  • Water activity
  • Moisture content
  • Agtron – roast development
  • Colorimeter – L.a.b. color analysis
  • pH, Total dissolved solids and extraction rate
  • Whole bean breakage
  • Whole bean roast defects

Ground Coffee Physical Analysis:

  • Net weight / fill weight
  • Oxygen content (with leak detection)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Water activity
  • Moisture content
  • Agtron – roast degree
  • Colorimeter – L.a.b. color analysis
  • Grind analysis
  • pH
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Package leak detection tank
  • Can Vacuum Pressure

Included Sensorial Analysis:

  • Aroma of hot liquid
  • Acidity / body / balance
  • Flavor / aftertaste
  • Identify taints, faults and staleness

Additional Services Available: (Additional fees may apply)

  • Coffee specification programs
  • Coffee Product Development
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Triangulation Test for Sensory Analysis
  • Spider Chart Sensory Report
  • Degree of Difference Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis Hazard
  • Pesticide/Herbicide Hazard Analysis
  • Microbiological Hazard Analysis
  • Titratable Acidity Testing
  • Caffeine (% weight) Ochratoxin A, and Chlorogenic Acid
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Package Leak Detection
  • Other tests per client request

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Roasted & Green Coffee Analysts

Physical Characteristics

Coffee Analysts tests the physical attributes of green and roasted coffee to determine quality levels, adherence to specifications, and the flavor potential of the beans.

Aroma & Taste

With licensed Q Graders and Certified Golden Cup Technicians on staff our professional sensory panel prepares the coffee samples correctly and rigorously evaluates all aspects of the aroma and taste development.

Brewing Techniques

Our coffee technologists have virtually every type of brewing mechanism at their fingertips, from pour-over, single cup, filter drip and espresso, to determine beverage quality and conduct product development projects.


Coffee quality is preserved by package integrity and modified atmosphere; our package analysis will help ensure freshness of our clients products.


In our laboratory or at your locations, our team is ready to provide assistance and support to your coffee operation.

Sensory Training

Our team will provide instruction on selecting the appropriate test and its set-up. We will complete calibration exercises with you to standardize sensorial scoring, using your in-house form, our sensory tests, or SCAA cupping forms.

Quality Audit

For process controls improvements, GMP’s, upgraded quality systems, or to prepare for a client visit, an independent inspection is an important tool to your operation.

Quality Control Lab Setup

Identifying the right equipment, setting up appropriate SOP’s, training your staff, and calibrating to validate your results.

Process Controls

What to test, when to test, how to test, and incorporating GMP’s are all critical parts of a working process control program.

Green Coffee Supply Chain

Presentation of the control points from farm to cup for both physical and financial risk, or a tune-up of your existing program.

New Coffee Buyer Training

Buying green coffee is a complicated process of developing a strategy, managing physical and financial risks, contract writing and execution, quality control, and product development functions.

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