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Single Cup

Creating quality for cups, pods, capsules, discs, sachets, instant and open brew.

Single cup brewing started as a convenient way to brew coffee and has developed into a quality method to brew one cup at a time. Short brewing times, precise measurements, and high-speed manufacturing all create a high risk for product quality and consistency to the consumer.

Quality Control

At hundreds of units per minute on the packaging lines with very small margins of error, single-cup quality control is more dynamic than for other products. We test for physical properties of the packaging and the coffee, sensorial attributes of the product, and chemical properties of the beverages.

Brewer Operation

Measurement of brewing parameters, including: time to ready, brew time, water dispensed volume and temperature, beverage temperature, and beverage volume. Observations include ease of use and cleaning.

Specification Development

Formal specification documents are powerful tools for quality control and private-label operations. To establish quality trends, we recommend testing three separate production runs of your product or of the national brand benchmark. Then product specifications are created to establish the acceptable physical, chemical, and sensory attributes of your product.

Product Development

Whether you are setting the trends or just keeping up, Coffee Analysts will manage the complex tasks to create great tasting coffee products or optimize existing ones to meet you financial, sensory, supply chain, and consumer requirements.

Comparative Analysis

How does your coffee compare to your competitors or against a national band benchmark? What are the variations amongst the multiple roasters in your supply chain? Coffee Analysts’ degree-of-difference testing segregates the variations from the quality to provide a clear understating of coffee profiles.

RFP Testing

Request for Proposal is serious business for you and your suppliers. Take the worry out of evaluating the products when supplier proposal are tendered. Coffee Analysts will be your technical partner to benchmark quality or evaluate products versus your identified standards.

Single Cup Testing Package

Product Sample Size: 28 single-cup products
Turnaround: 5 business days (after receiving sample)

Filtered Product Physical Analysis:

  • Net weight / carton count
  • Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide content
  • Water activity & Moisture content
  • Agtron – roast development
  • Grind analysis
  • pH, Brew Solids & Extraction Rate

Filtered Product Sensorial Analysis:

  • Coffee: Aroma, Acidity, Body, Flavor & Finish
  • Identification of taints, faults and staleness

Unfiltered Product Physical Analysis:

  • Net weight / carton count
  • Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide content
  • Water activity & Moisture content
  • ColorL.a.b. Analysis (CIELAB Scale)
  • Evacuation %, pH

Unfiltered Product Sensorial Analysis:

  • Cocoa & Juice: Aroma, Sweetness, Saltiness, Body, Primary Flavor Intensity, Overall Flavor & Aftertaste
  • Identification of taints, faults and staleness

Single-Cup Additional Services Available: (Additional fees may apply)

  • Brewer Operation Analysis
  • Package Integrity (cup, lid, & filter) & Product Code Inspection

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