Sensory Training at Coffee Analysts

Jacqui Hartman, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties

Coffee Analysts conducted a two-day coffee sensory training session for Jacqui Hartman, a junior flavor chemist at Flavor & Fragrance Specialties.

The training focused on “Tongues & Noses” with emphasis on tasting coffees from around the world. Jacqui worked with the CA staff on identification of faults, taints and positive [...]

George Howell’s Presentation

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George makes coffee discovery a good time

Jenny Howell getting the coffees ready

Washed and unwashed, fresh and stale

George Howell and Dan Cox kick off the presentation

George Howell Presents: The Long Road to Quality – From Seed to Cup – Saturday March 6th at Coffee Enterprises

George Howell

Coffee Ed, a newly founded coffee educational and training company is pleased to host George Howell for a very special slideshow presentation on “The Long Road to Quality – From Seed to Cup.” Following the slide show, George will be facilitating a coffee tasting for attendees on six coffees [...]